The Crofter



Marlow is a young wee rascal of a dog.


He is a Puggle - a cross between a Pug and a Beagle.


He is very obedient when there is food around but the rest of the time he decides whether to obey or not!!


His best friend is Macey, the Doberman on the adjacent croft.

Gareth is a young crofter. This is his first adventure into the crofting lifestyle and he has lots of plans to develop the land and facilities. This includes some livestock, chickens and perhaps pigs and he also intends to expand and improve the accomodation facilities including a toilet block with shower and electric hook up points for touring caravans and motorhomes and also the provision of some camping pods.

Already underway is the first polytunnel in which he intends to grow vegatables and salads. He is a pretty good in the kitchen too and is already experimenting with a variety of pickles and chutneys as well as making daily bread with the eventual aim of making the croft into a small yet vibrant self sustaining business.

He is a keen photographer and is already making the most of what the croft and surrounding area has to offer in the way of stunning views and an abundance of wildlife. A large section of the croft has been set aside for wildlife including a burn (small stream) running across the land and a large pond which provides habitat for passing water foul as well as a wide range of insects.


He has already come a long way from his previous occupation of environmental scientist in a large city.


Portree Harbour, Boats